How to Avoid Getting a Fake Title When Buying Real Estate Properties in Dasmarinas, Cavite

A house costs a lot of fortune. Majority of the Filipino population could not even afford a house in Dasmarinas, Cavite unless they are one of the elites. Even the down payment for a house sometimes cost a lot already.

With the hard work and money that goes into buying a house, you have to make sure you get a definite proof of your ownership—the land title. Do not be carried away by your emotions when you are buying your own home. It pays if you double check the presented document before you can fully celebrate your ownership.

Be cautious of the swarm of scammers that are just hiding their smirk behind their sweet smile. At first glance, you might not see a hint of fakeness but try to scrutinize further. You have to take the initiative to ensure that you are getting an original title for the property you are buying.

The first thing to check is the quality of the paper material. This is one thing that is hard to fake since only the central bank of the Republic of the Philippines has the authority to use the kind of paper used for legal documents such as Dasmarinas, Cavite property titles. Check for intaglio located on the border, planchettes, and watermarks. These are the most common indicators of an authentic document. The watermark should be visible once the paper is held in contrast to the light.

Second, compare the duplicate copy and the original copy line by line and field by field. Ensure that there are no discrepancies in either of these copies. Inspect the serial number and the dates too! There should be a serial number printed on both copies. Black ink is used to print serial number on the duplicate copy while red ink for the original copy. The serial number should correspond to the one in the official records.

To avoid further hassle in the future, you must dig deeper into the history of the Dasmarinas, Cavite property you are about to buy. Check if the seller has no track record of scam and dishonest business. Check if the land title is authentic. Do not be an impulsive buyer just because you’ve found the perfect house you’ve been working to achieve. Since scammers are working smart in their dirty business nowadays, you have to outwit them by making smarter choices too.

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