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Camella Belize is the newest residential enclave in Cavite, which is committed to helping you experience Camella’s grandest homes. All of the homes available in this master-planned community are spacious and offers value-for-money living. With a price range of PhP 3 million and up, it isn’t something that you would consider affordable. But one thing is for sure, you can expect topnotch value from the homes available in this community.

In order for you to get the most value out of investing a home in Camella Belize, the developers have introduced a wide range of facilities and amenities that you can enjoy. The thematic atmosphere is easily the most noticeable feature about living in Camella Belize. The Mediterranean-inspired home architectural designs and the island vibes blend so well together. Hence, walking into the guarded entrance feels more like walking into a resort than your home.

And speaking of the guarded entrance, there are several gates available for Camella Belize, which are all guarded. Camella Homes wanted to showcase how they prioritize your famiy’s safety; they therefore incorporated safety features within this master-planned community to protect your family’s investments. All entrance gates are equipped with security guards and personnel. Meanwhile, there will also be roaming security throughout the community during day or night. All of the security personnel that were hired to protect this community are licensed and well-trained.

The topnotch security is also complemented by the modern facilities to the entire community. For example, there are overhead utilities provided for power, communication, and cable lines. This would make it easier for you to connect the services you need for your home. In addition, the entire community is protected by perimeter fence and buffer trees along the boundary lots. A professional property management team is designated to maintain the common areas of the entire village. A designated regular garbage collection is also provided to facilitate easy and efficient waste management for all homes in Camella Belize.

When it comes to leisure amenities, Camella Belize features no shortage of them. There is a country club available within this community that is intended for special events and social gatherings within the community. Like the entire house and lot development, the country clubhouse also features the same thematic design as the rest of the houses do. But what would a clubhouse be without a swimming pool? Hence, Camella Homes made sure that the residents will have a place to cool off in during the summer, or to have a place to relax in during the weekends. The swimming pool in the subdivision is generously sized so there is room for everyone.

For the active folks, there is no need to sign up for a gym membership as there are adequate facilities within this development to cater to your need to stay active. There are scenic jogging trails and a basketball court available for you to use. Meanwhile, you can also encourage the kids to stay active with the parks and playgrounds available in this subdivision.

  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Joggining Path
  • Basketball Court
  • All Day Convenience Store
  • St. Paul College
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